Adept Tech Distribution Division

Expert Supply Chain Management process in place involving every aspect of trading operations, including Logistic, Purchasing, Information Technology, Inventory Management, Product Knowledge, Finances, Client Communication and Support, Etc.

Best security solution provider in Qatar

Adept Tech Distribution division provides security and surveillance devices and play a significant role in sourcing and distribution of world renowned brands and making it accessible to customers in Qatar to implement and enhance and fulfill security requirement. In the quest to bringing in popular brands to Qatar market, Adept Tech has been able to acquire the National Distribution status for couple of brands.  

As a distributor and supplier of CCTV cameras in Qatar, Adept Tech is able to provide MOI SSD approved CCTV cameras in Qatar through the distribution rights with Holowits 

Adept Tech Customer Support Plan

As a customer centric business entity, Adept Tech is always committed towards providing enhanced customer experience through out their journey. With our experience dealing with more than 220 clients in Qatar and getting to know what they expect from Adept Tech, we were able to expand our service far beyond just providing products and service to our clients. Our complete customer support plan focused on addressing all key issues which a client might face through their journey with Adept Tech. 

What makes us as one of the preferred security surveillance solutions provider in Qatar?

With multiple product categories and thousands of products to choose from, customers who visits our location could get their products with a minimum lead time of 10 minutes. If a customer prefers to have a more personalised door to door delivery, with our state of the art inventory management system and logistic support service we could deliver to any part of the country with 24 hours. 

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