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Ruijie is a leading ICT Enterprise Brand which has always been committed to fully integrating technology into scenarios helping users in various industries achieve digital transformation and value innovation.

With more than branches worldwide and over 6000 employees and 20000 partners worldwide, Ruijie is one of the leading brands in the sector. With more than 16% of the overall sales revenue invested back into R&D and 50% of the resource involved in R&D, Ruijie product line provides wide range of products and solution for diversified industries. Ruijie Network provides the best line of products such as switches, routers, wireless, cloud class, security, gateways, IT management and authentication & accounting with more than 1000 patents across these product lines. 

Adept Tech is the authorized national distributor for the Ruijie product line in Qatar. With competitive pricing and innovative superior technology, Ruijie is one of the leading brands for Access Control, Switches, Routers and a wide range of products operating in Qatar and fast becoming the most preferred networking brands in the region.

Ruijie Network Product List



Ruijie Networks, as one of the earliest switch suppliers in China, has orchestrated multiple full-featured switch series for data center network and campus network. Currently, Ruijie switches have been widely adopted across various sectors including Internet, finance, network operator, government, education, enterprises, healthcare, etc..



Ruijie Networks set up an independent wireless product department in 2002 as a mark to step into the WLAN market starting from 2000. In 2007, Ruijie established the comprehensive wireless product lines. In 2015, Ruijie officially founded the Wireless Product Division. 16 years of technical development and business evolution proved Ruijie’s persistence in independent R&D and the eagerness to keep forging ahead with innovation



In 2006, Ruijie released the very first patented enterprise-grade routers as the stepping stone into the IP data communication market. After 11 years of sustainable development and innovation, Ruijie has served the backbone networks and Internet gateways across sectors of finance, education and government, and supported a variety of scenarios including access, aggregation, core and mobility with carrier-grade reliable design and all-in-one solutions.

Ruijie Network Cloud Solution


Small Office Network Solution

Ruijie Small Office Network Solution offers fast and stable Wi-Fi solution and it also has other benefits which can enhance overall performance how an organization operates.

Fast and Stable Office Wi-Fi
- Deploy 802.11ac Wave2 Indoor AP in public office area wall AP in boss office.

Employee behavior management

- Reyee EG identifies applications and controls employees online behaviors effectively.

2Secure Guest Wi-Fi
- One-click to get VLAN isolation Wi-Fi for guest.

Effective bandwidth management
- One-click to open the Smart Flow Control feature. Flexible and customized flow control strategy.

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Reyee CCTV Network Solution 

Solution Benefits for End Users

Fair price replace unmanaged to cloud managed switch;

Protect users property and safety at any time;

250 meters PoE save cabling cost for end-users;

5GHz reduce interference and guarantee video quality;

Meet difference CCTV requirements in various scenarios

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Ruijie Solution - Case Reference

Adept Tech is the authorised distributor for Ruijie Networks in Qatar. With the distribution we are focused towards expanding the brand within Qatar trying to make it available with all key touch points.